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My name is Anoop Puzhamudi and I am a portrait photographer

I specialise in magazine style portraiture for everyday people.

My portraits are an attempt to celebrate your personality, life, and family. In short, my photographs celebrate the magic that is YOU!
In all my shoots I’m accompanied by my wonderful wife, Gayatri.

A session with us is filled with fun, laughter, and amazing photographs. So, if you are looking for a portrait photographer near you, contact us now!


Most frequent questions and answers

We provide digital only packages for Personal branding sessions alone. However the price of the digital images are the same as printed ones (every printed file comes with a High Resolution Digital Image)

No,we do not offer unedited pictures from a photoshoot. Think of this way, when you go to a restaurant would we ask for the ingredients of a dish to be laid out on the table? Similarly, the final image you see have been carefully selected  based on the quality of light, focus, expression, pose, colour and connection. Then it goes through a careful editing process which could take several hours, including colour correction before sending it over to the printers. A RAW unedited picture from the shoot would not have any of this and is not a true representation of our final product and service that we thrive to offer you!

No, all purchases are charged extra. What you buy is entirely up to you. There is no minimum purchase required.

Yes you can! Please contact us and we will help you out!

Our Customers reviews

Our customers love us! See what they have to say:
“We had a great deal of fun during our photoshoot! Before the shoot, Anoop took us through the entire process and ensured that we were not overwhelmed. The pictures were beautiful and will always remain close to my heart."
Corporate branding-men
Beau Brug
Local Councillor
“I loved the pictures Anoop took! They were gorgeous and managed to capture the beautiful bond I share with my son. The photos always make me emotional. Would definitely recommend Anoop's services."
Dad and son photo
Rakesh Subhagan
Software Consultant
"My relationship with my partner, Beau is extremely special to me. And, Anoop’s photography beautifully managed to capture our emotions and bond. I was extremely pleased with the final product and will treasure these pictures forever."
Couple photography
Lauren Brewer
Lions Club President

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