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We specialise in capturing timeless family photos for our clients.

Memorable Family portraits

How good are family portraits? Laughter, fine dresses, done up hair, faces with glorious makeup on, a family photoshoot session with us is a magical day out for your entire family. A family portrait session is also one of the best gifts you can give your family, walking away with beautiful photographs and fun memories. They are a great way to chronicle family history – celebrating a point in time in your lives. Portraits by Anoop takes pride in telling your stories and celebrating your wonderful lives through our lenses.

Family photo
Beautiful mom and daughter portrait

for your family

We design family photoshoots just for you - whether its a big family or a small one, we have it covered.

Simple 3 step portrait process

Your portrait experience with us consists of Consultation, Photoshoot, and a photo reveal session.

no hidden charges

All pricing and details of our session and portrait print products are discussed up front so that there are no surprises.

getting ready

We help you with questions on how to get ready to get that perfect family photo.

PREMIUM print products

We offer superior fine art prints and exquisite wall art and portrait boxes.

no minimum purchase required

What you buy from our portrait reveal session is completely up to you. Our job is to make the best portraits for you and your family.


An unforgettable Family Photoshoot with us starts at a session fee of $250 which includes:

1. Consultation

We walk you through every step of the shoot. We discuss your requirements - how you want to be photographed, who you would like to be photographed with, styling, and posing.

2. Photoshoot

A family portrait session can take up to 2-4 hours, including up to five dress changes. We make sure that you are at ease and have a fun-filled and enjoyable day!

3. Reveal session

A few weeks after the photoshoot, we hold a in-person portrait reveal session to reveal the best photos from the shoot, ready for purchase. We offer a range of wall art and fine art print products. What you buy is entirely up to you!

exquisite prints & wall art

Preserve your memories with our range of exquisite fine art matted prints, artisan keepsake boxes and wall art

why choose us?

We have been photographers for the last several years, photographing families, newborns, kids and couples, among others. At Portraits by Anoop, we believe in going beyond poses and celebrating the smiles, laughter, and intimacy that make your family unique. As photographers we believe in capturing the love and bond you share with your cherished ones. With us you not only get beautiful pictures, but unforgettable memories too. A session with us is fun-filled and exciting, and is a safe space for you to pose to your heart’s content with your family members. We will be there to help you manoeuvre every step of the shoot. If you are looking for a professional family photographer in Sydney who will take beautiful pictures of your lovely family, get in touch today!

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